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Need a Hairdresser with international experience to do your hair in Redcliffe? Anthony Presotto’s Private Studio is the BEST REDCLIFFE HAIRDRESSER. With 35 years experience and hundreds of 5 star reviews. Your NEW REDCLIFFE HAIRDRESSER.

The Anthony Presotto Hairdressing Difference

Redcliffe Hairdresser

Redcliffe HairdresserLooking for a Hair salon in Redcliffe to perfectly get your hair done? Exactly the way you want and not just once, but every time you visit.

Have you ever felt disappointed with the way your hair turned out after you had a visit to your hairstylist? Then you are in the right place because I have the perfect solution for your hair. The secret lies in the way I treat the hair. They are medium and the canvas on which I create a masterpiece. You will be surprised to see how confident you feel after hair treatment.

I believe in care which is a result of focused attention on just one client. I treat only one client at a time. That way I will get to know our customers’ expectation in a better way.

The quality of the service I offer is one of the best in town. I make you hair suit to your face shape. That way the haircut looks more stunning and lasts months not days.

How I do it better at our place?

redcliffe hairdresserFirst of all, it is the experience of three consecutive generations that sets me apart from other salon guys out there. The skill is transferred from my mother’s aunt to my mother, and then to me. I am in the business since I was just 12.

Secondly, it is the constant urge to attain perfection in the art. To satisfy the urge I do training to keep myself up to date with the trends and fashion that are hot in the industry. This has earned me the accolade of Best Redcliffe Hairdresser.

You might have observed that it is not the same every time you visit the hair stylist. The visit you do the first time is the best and then it gradually starts to decreases with time. To make sure that this does not happen at my salon I make sure to give every client personal, one to one, attention every time they visit. I have achieved this by placing only one chair for the clients. I attend fewer clients but I attend them in the best possible manner.

Customer satisfaction is my top priority and this thing that I strive for more than anything else. I use top quality equipment and products; Out of all the things I use here, care is the major product I use. I invest in best quality product and types of equipment because they make easier to achieve the desired look and feel without damaging the hair.

Specialty Service

I use Balayage to create soft, natural looks that have longevity for the wearer. This means the average client can go between 3 and 6 months between Balayage appointments.

I specialize in the Dry Cut Method.  Much more than just cutting hair dry, the New York Dry Cut Method offers texture, sculpt and carve the hair, all techniques to create hair that is soft and feminine. The look is much like celebrities on the cover of magazines.

If you are after hair, that is stunning to look and feel. Easy to manage and care, and maintains themselves for a longer period of time, then do make sure to book an appointment Now for a treatment at my salon and I will make sure that you get the best experience ever!

24 hour booking online


Hair emergency? You can book online 24 hours a day!

One of the only Redcliffe Hairdresser to offer online booking. No need to wait for the salon to open to secure your spot.




Redcliffe is a residential suburb of the Brisbane metropolitan area located within Moreton Bay Region in the north-east of the Redcliffe peninsula, approximately 28 kilometres north-north-east of the Brisbane CBD.

Anthony Presotto Redcliffe Hairdresser offers the following Services

  • French Haircutting
  • Dry Hair Cutting
  • New York Dry Cutting
  • Japanese Dry Hair Cutting
  • Keratin Smoothing
  • Express Keratin Smoothing
  • Anti Frizz Treatments
  • Permanent Japanese Thermal Straightening
  • Fashion Hair Colouring
  • Balayage Hair Colouring
  • Colour Placement Systems
  • Fashion Foiling
  • Expert Grey Coverage

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Call me during business hours to book your appointment for hair that will change your life.

Your reliable Brisbane Hairdresser

best redcliffe hairdresserI will not compromise on the quality of the products I choose nor will I compromise the condition of the hair by using substandard chemicals, for example, the colour I use was developed in Italy by Europe’s top color experts. The permanent range is a low ammonia colour while still giving optimal coverage and condition with long-lasting colour results. But I still do not drag permanent colour through to the ends of the hair because it’s “economical”, I will use no-ammonia, high-conditioning demi colour to retain the condition and longevity of the colour after I have filled the hair with protein for protection. Both ranges of colour contain beeswax, cottonseed oil and rice milk leaving hair shiny and healthy-looking. You see I do not choose a product simply because it’s cheap.

I will spend time studying your face shape, the colour of your eyes, skin, and blood. Only then can I formulate a made-to-order, customized hair colour that brings out your finest features. The best results come from an in-depth consultation and hair analysis and years of specialized hair colouring experience. Then I will assess how your hairstyle will impact on your lifestyle and fit your personality. We will talk about your desired commitment to maintenance and the effort you are wanting to put into styling your hair yourself before any chemical service or haircut. When I cut your hair it will be unique to your head shape and because of that, the style will last months as opposed to weeks.

When it comes time to cut your hair I will do so with my very expensive scissors. Just as I choose the finest chemicals to colour your hair, my scissors are made from the finest and most expensive Vanadium Molybdenum NanoCarbide powder alloy invented and developed in Sweden. The scissor itself is manufactured in Seki city Japan using state of the art computer controlled, vacuum furnace hardening with nitrogen injection sub-zero slow recovery tempering. Then an artisan creates a fine hand finished sharp edge to guarantee the smoothest and most accurate cut.

I will then finish your haircut with quality styling products made with a premium blend of isolated proteins which are virtually identical to the keratin found in human hair. They fill damaged sites on the hair shaft, smoothing down “ruffled” cuticles and taming frizz. Investing in using the highest quality products not only lays the foundation for great looking hair it ensures that your colour and cut will last you for the longest possible time.

The styling tools I choose to use on your hair use a unique Mineral Infused Technology for the ultimate styling experience. Each blow-dryer, hairbrush and smoothing iron are infused with an extraordinary blend of 32 minerals. Sourced from one unique place in Japan, this rich post-volcanic minerals infusion generates negative ions and far infrared energy, micronizing water into fine particles that penetrate hair with more power than ever before. No more dry, brittle hair. When you leave the salon your hair will be healthy, shiny and lustrous looking.

But it is not just about what I use, it is also how I use it. I take time away from my family to keep my skills up to date by attending ongoing educational courses and workshops throughout the year. I choose to learn from the best stylist which means that these courses can often be quite expensive. But it assures that when you sit in my chair you are going to receive up to date cutting, colouring, and styling using the newest techniques. Education doesn’t stop at me, I will also spend the time teaching you how to recreate your salon look at home. My job isn’t complete unless you can happily style your hair, yourself when you need to look your best.

I love to watch my clients leaving my salon with their hair shining in the sun because we have kept it in pristine condition. They walk a little taller, have a smile from ear to ear. You see great hair will make you look and feel sexy. It will be a carefree, modern, fluid, and naturally textured yet perfect look created just for you.

So you see the reason I won’t compromise on quality is that I feel I would be ripping you off!! You deserve the best I can offer. My clientele to come to me because I’m good at what I do not because I was the cheapest they could find. This is why I am considered the best Redcliffe Hairdresser!

Anthony Presotto, 9 Deborah Street, CLONTARF, QLD 4019, Australia - Phone: +61412672246
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