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You might have gathered by now I’m not like a lot of other hairdressers and I don’t do things like other hairdressers.

My approach is a cutting style that is more natural and relaxed in its approach, working with the hair rather than against it to accentuate the person’s natural beauty.

I work with an awareness of fashion but it’s not about trends, “Your natural beauty is the trend.” I do my best to deliver hair that is uncontrived and easy to maintain. Great hair is ready to wear.

Great hair should flow naturally, you shouldn’t have to tease brush and torture it into shape.  “The result is I create a “signature cut” that is as unique as your fingerprint. It is a carefree, yet perfect look that lasts.”

I have my own distinct method of blow-drying which suits my simple aesthetic and hair care principals. I describe this as a low fuss finish.

Signature Blonding

This look is ideal for you if you are looking to maintain your blonde, add pops of brightness throughout, or fine tune your color while adding tone, shine and moisture back into your hair. This session is also ideal for you if you are looking to transition from dark to light over a few sessions.

Session Price $420

Signature Dimension

This look is ideal for you if you are looking to achieve a dimensional red, brunette or sun-kissed balayage look with blonding and color balancing. This session is also ideal to achieve a color melted palette requiring base coverage and either using your existing lightness or with minimal blonding.

Session Price $280

Signature Haircut

This haircut includes a custom shape fitting your lifestyle and styling, detoxifying scalp and hair treatment followed by deep conditioning treatment spa experience.

Session Price $140


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