About Me

The Salon Where Every Woman is a Celebrity

anthony presotto redcliffe hair salonHello! I am Anthony Presotto and I would like to welcome you to my Private Studio.

Stepping into my Private Studio, located on the Redcliffe Peninsula in Queensland, is like stepping into the beach house of a dear friend.

My space is minimalist in design, but not the stark white and black you might expect, instead, I have decorated with warm relaxed finishes – seafoam green, timber and plants that serve a dual purpose. Not only do they add to the tropical elegance but they have been chosen for their ability to enhance the air quality in the studio.

Another thing is the noticeable absence of the standard photographs of models with their perfect hair and airbrushed skin. Instead, the walls are decorated with my original paintings. Apart from being a master stylist, I am also an accomplished artist.

I created my private studio because I wanted to move away from treating clients as one large homogenous mass to treating clients as individuals, allowing me to concentrate on one client at a time and giving them the personalization they are craving. It allows me to do my best work.

When you walk into the private studio, you become a dear friend, a celebrity whether you think so or not, to me, every woman is a celebrity, every woman is the most beautiful woman in the world, and if you don’t think or feel that way when you arrive you will once you walk out the studio door.

I live and breathe hair 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I am influenced by great designers such as Valentino Garavani and Coco Chanel. But the method that I use to create your haircut is different from many hairdressers. I have moved on from the traditional cutting style and strong geometric cutting that has dominated the industry since the ’60s, my unique style combines my 30 plus years of experience to offer a cutting style that is more natural and relaxed in its approach, working with the hair rather than against it to accentuate the person’s natural beauty.

My Italian heritage has taught me to see beauty in every corner of life, and it is this notion of natural beauty that has shaped my philosophy to follow the natural fall of the hair rather than architecturally shaping and molding the hair to fit current trends, which come and go out of fashion. I believe a woman’s hair should be personal, a reflection of who she is as a human being.

My Private studio is not where you come to get your haircut in the latest style. There is a distinct lack of glossy magazines filled with celebrities and their hairstyles. I do not follow trends, I believe your natural beauty is the trend. I don’t just cut hair, I design it, considering the client’s individual facial features and characteristics, their hair type and of course, importantly, their lifestyle. Not considering the client’s lifestyle is where most hairdressers fail, A client should be able to fix their hair and be ready for work or play in under 15 minutes. Great hair is ready to wear. Great hair should flow naturally, you shouldn’t have to tease, brush and torture it into shape. The result is I create a “signature cut” that is as unique as your fingerprint. It is a carefree, yet perfect look that lasts.

You will find my unique philosophy doesn’t just stop at cutting hair. When it comes to hair colour my aim it to create a soft natural colour. Your perfect hair colour should be no more than 3 shades lighter or 2 shades darker than your natural colour. It works better with your skin and eye colour and maintenance isn’t as big an issue. And when it comes to grey hair, I believe it should be blended never covered, you don’t fool anyone!

At a time when the hair care market is oversaturated with complex hair care regimens and new wonder products every week leaving the salon with your stylist’s recommendations can feel like you need to take out a second mortgage to manage your hair care routine. I have stripped down hair care to its most useful and natural elements, I feel clients shouldn’t have to have a bathroom full of products to do their hair. Hair just needs to be cleansed, moisturized and the minimal amount of styling aid applied. Great hair should look good combed into place and left to dry naturally.