Waste Free Systems

This Salon is Now a Waste-Free Zone – And Here’s How You Can Help!

I am proud to announce that my private studio has teamed up with Waste Free Systems to become a certified waste-free zone! But you may be wondering what that actually means to you…

What does going Waste-Free mean?

It means that whenever you come in for a haircut, colour, or other treatment, neither you nor I am contributing to the harm that unnecessary waste is doing to the planet.

So, rather than blades being discarded, the foil being thrown in the bin, and plastics and cardboard being dumped, all waste is now collected in the special in-salon art bins, taken away by Waste Free Systems, and repurposed.

No more flushing harmful chemicals down the drain and into our water supply; no more sending tonnes of waste per year to landfill; no more creating a mess for generations to come.

I was fed up with the thought that I was contributing to the problem, and decided to do something about it. When I looked into it closer, I realised that even my customers’ hair can be repurposed!

We are not only helping the planet – we are helping in-need people too

The best part of all this is that after Waste Free Systems collects the daily salon waste, virtually all of it can be repurposed.

This goes beyond simple recycling; waste is connected to worthwhile projects both locally and around the world, helping people in need everywhere.

For instance, Hair Aid is a local not-for-profit charity that trains unemployed people in hairdressing, providing them with a skill and enhancing their chances of supporting themselves with an income.

By partnering with Waste Free Systems, I am helping organizations like this improve people’s lives and make a real difference.

How can you help?

It’s so easy for you to help! Simply by booking your weekly, fortnightly, or monthly hair appointment with us, you are ensuring that a portion of your fee helps others and helps the planet.  

What’s more, your hair clippings might actually end up being transformed into fertilizer or oil booms to soak up oil slicks! You’d be amazed! Why not take a read of my blog post on how hair can be repurposed!

If you want to learn more about what becoming a Waste-Free zone means to all of us, please ask us next time you come in; or why not give us a call to book an appointment right now: just call 0412 672 246 or click here to book online.