The wellness concept haircut experience

The haircut experience with Anthony Presotto

I believe that consciously choosing wellness for your body, mind and spirit is the best way to practice self love. It will replenish your energy and reconnect you with the unique good that you bring to the world. And the world needs your authentic beauty more than ever.

With the advent of the global pandemic and the world coming to a standstill I along with many others realised that we need to make more time for ourselves and better choices when it comes to how we live or lives.

I was already using 100% certified organic extracts in my colour and hair care, but I have now decided to take it one step further. Through my years of extensive study of complementary medicine I have formulated my wellness haircut experience model.

This is an exclusive system utilising various sensory inputs address the Vagus nervous system to release stress and tension, both physical and mental. I also use the finest 100% certified organic haircare that

will detoxify the hair and scalp. The products I choose to use to colour hair are of the lowest toxicity to ensure that you can maintain your hair in the most beautiful and natural way possible.

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