The Top Hairstyle Trends of 2019: Revealed

The Top Hairstyle Trends of 2019: Revealed

2019 is coming to an end. But with it has come various new haircut trends that have dominated the fashion industry. 


The year has been all about giving fresh takes to haircut styles from the past. In the same way, new fashion trends are inspired by styles and trends from the past, new haircut styles are also reimagined from those from the past. 


Haircut styles in 2019 are better and more stylish than ever before.


Haircut styles in 2019 have been very easy to wear. They are also typically low-maintenance and compatible with a wide range of face shapes, hair textures, and hair types. 


Most women have very busy schedules and don’t have enough time to style their hair every morning. So the natural look has come into vogue in a major way.


There are so many amazing hair products out there today that can help you air dry your hair to give it an amazing texture and less frizz.


So if you’re looking to see what hairstyles have dominated 2019, and getting prepared to style your hair this summer, here’s what you need to know.


#1 – Modern Shag


The widely popular shag of the 90s is back…but with a new twist!


This new twist is characterized by a medium length with several layers of textured hair. For this style, you should ask your stylist for layers that begin from your cheekbones and extend throughout the whole cut. 


On top of this, you can also ask for full bangs. Although this cut can go well with most hair types, it’s more suitable for people who already have some wave or texture in their hair. 


This is an excellent wash and wear style – of the secrets to effortlessly beautiful hair – and looks set to stay on-trend going into 2020.


#2 – Textured Lob

The textured long bob is still big in 2019. 


Last year, the long bob was hovering over the collarbone, but in 2019, it’s hovering just over the shoulder. 


This is a long hairstyle that you can easily pull back and get off your neck and face, but not too long that styling and maintaining it is hectic. A couple of fuller ends and textured layers make this hairstyle an excellent fit for people with finer hair since they make the hair look fuller and rich in volume. 


According to celebrant Fiona King, the textured lob has reached the wedding circuit, with more and more brides requesting a textured lob for an elegant and simple look. She says, “Given the wearability, it’s no surprise that lob inspiration is everywhere. It looks positively gorgeous for any face shape, which means you really, truly can’t go wrong taking a chance and chopping off all your hair this season.”


#3 – Long, Light Layers


Haircut styles for lengthy hair are all about layers, and this has been the norm since the 90s. 


Back then, the layers were blunt and heavy. Now, the layers are light, long and versatile. 2019’s long, light layers also focus on the face. They align the shortest face-framing layers next to your jawline, and have the airy and textured layers spread out to form a loose style.”


According to wedding celebrant Jermaine Clark, styling your hair for a wedding can be a difficult decision but with long, light layers it can be styled in many different ways – especially if you want something with more volume or simple curls. He says, “layers can provide the impact of additional volume and length. Whether you like your layers choppy and textured or subtle and hidden, they might be all you need to breathe some new life into your old hair.”


This hairstyle is easy to customize to suit most hair types and textures. This creates a pretty style if you give it some loose waves using a curling iron. You can also use a light texture cream to keep this hairstyle in top shape. 

#4 – Short and Structured

The short and structured hairstyle of 2019 is the latest version of the Pixie. It’s a structured boy cut with a full-on fade. This somewhat edgy style brings a flattering look. Most people assume you need to have prominent cheekbones to pull off this style, but this is not necessarily true. If this cut is done well, it can go well with any type or shape of face.


According to Marriage Celebrant, Margaret Milne short cuts are making their way into the ‘must-have’ bride looks of the season. She explains “because of how short cuts emphasize beauty for any face shape, you have the opportunity to expose all of the beauty in your face for what it is. You can make your face appear more shapely, give a wide forehead softness, elongate your neck and expose your eyes.”


What’s the secret to pulling off this haircut style? The small pieces at both ears should reach the hollow area just below the jawbone. Also, other parts of the haircut such as the bang can have different lengths depending on what you want to achieve. 


You should talk to your stylist to figure out what works best for you. You should choose this style if you bleach or dye your hair often because it’s short and less prone to suffer from damage.


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