The secret to effortlessly beautiful hair

Beautiful Hair Secrets

Looking for that effortlessly beautiful hair. Then look no further than French women. They practically invented the effortlessly cool look.

That casual undone, carefree look that takes more than just rolling out of bed. It’s not just what you do to your hair but what you don’t do that has to be considered to really achieve that quintessential look.

beautiful hair effortlessly undone treatmentSo what is the French secret to effortlessly beautiful hair? Well, a lot comes from their attitude to beauty. Low maintenance is what it’s all about. Add to that a mix of regular high-quality treatments to take care of your hair. Doing a good treatment once a week and you practically don’t have to bother for the rest of the week. Choosing a quality treatment like Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment to repair and moisturize damaged, dry hair with a unique combination of conditioners and nutrients to replenish the hair’s moisture, repair damaged strands and protect from further harm. Plus, a soothing mix of ingredients invigorates and nourish the scalp. It also has the added benefit of being Paraben-Free, Gluten Free and Vegan!

There are a few other things you need to consider when trying to achieve that effortless look.

Keep it looking natural:

Nature does the best job. staying away from vivid colours or high maintenance platinum blondes. Apart from doing major damage to the hair, the regular maintenance is a killer. Keeping close to the natural colour at the scalp and soft contrast with colour or highlights with a balayage or colour melt keeps it natural and more low-maintenance.

Choosing the right colour is also so important, you’re not low-maintenance if you need your regrowth done every fortnight. Keeping within 2-3 shades of your natural colour level reduces the need to have your regrowth done to every 4-6 weeks. Balayage or foiliage rather than traditional stripy foils keeps the need to have highlights down to every three months or so.

On the fringe:

The ultimate in-salon facelift. Getting a soft pieced out fringe can take ten years off your look, softening those brow furrows and softly framing the face. Keeping the fringe a little longer gives a nice frame to the face and keeps it easier to maintain and style. The whole idea behind the french haircut is to keep it soft and natural not to look like you’ve just been to the salon for a chop. It’s the invisible haircut.

Styling products:

beautiful hair effortlessly undone sprayThis look is all about not trying too hard. Which is why it’s important to not overdo the styling products. Paul Mitchell‘s Invisibleware range is perfect for the effortlessly undone look. Light enough not to feel like you have product in your hair, but still doing its job to maintain your style through the week. Overloading hair with heavy products quickly makes it look and feel dirty and only washing your hair once or twice a week is the foundation of effortlessness. Keep hairsprays to a minimum and I prefer to use Invisiblewear Undone Texture Hairspray for instant texture with natural-looking volume, it adds undone texture and body for an effortless look. It volumizes perfectly, adding life to flat hair for a natural look and touchable hold. It is infused with velvet flower to soften strands for added manageability. And of course is free of Mineral Oil, Parabens and Gluten.

So there you go my secrets to casual undone, carefree effortlessly beautiful hair is simple: natural, low-maintenance, air-dried hair that doesn’t require hours of maintenance or effort for you at home.