The Importance of Hair

Trends come and go but true beauty is eternal.

Over the years I have seen so many trends and fashions. It is still the one question that can make me cringe “What’s the trend?” or “What’s fashionable?” Clients will destroy their hair in the name of a trend or fashion. Cuts and colours that are so removed from their natural state that it can make a person look older, more tired or just plain silly.

I cut hair for the person, not the trend.

Just as purchasing clothes that are one size fits all can lead to bitter disappointment so can coming into a salon and requesting a specific cut. Sure you can luck out and get something that would be ok, but thats it, it’s just ok.

And as much as salons would like to be able to  produce off the rack style, and many do, there is nothing that fits as well as a bespoke suit, so why would you want any less for your hair?

Hair that is cut to your specific headshape, and designed to fit your individual lifestyle is the best investment you can make towards how you feel and how you are perceived by others.

Anthony Presotto.

The biggest mistake you can make is to fight your hair.

You can enhance it, work with it, but you can never change it! People will literally destroy their hair in attempts to change it. Over thining masses of hair, or blonding it excessively from dark or chosing colours that don’t match your skin tone, i.e. too ash and they worst of all ironing to within an inch of its life. It’s not pretty, it’s just ugly.

Even with the perfect cut you need to follow a haircare regime.

Just checkout most peoples bathrooms, they will have 20 different skincare products that cost a small fortune, but you will be lucky to find anything more than a generic bottle of shampoo in the shower!

Your hairstylist isn’t just trying to sell you a product, they are recommending the best hair care regime to not only care for your hair, but to enhance your results when you style it at home. Ever said to your hairdresser “It won’t look like that again” or “I wish I could take you home”, chances are what you really need is to take the shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum, and styling product they used home. Without the same products you won’t get the same results.

It’s not just your skin that ages, your hair ages, too.

Just as you have to take care of your skin as you become older, so to must your hair care regime start to incorperate anti-aging ingredients. Hair begins to thin and become lifeless or coarse and harder to control. The appropriate shampoos and conditioners will help restore some of that youthful feeling to your hair and slow down the effects of aging.

Your hair should look good even when you haven’t styled it.

Cutting hair respecting the natural fall and texture, following the headshape, and working with the hair and not against it is the secret to having naturally beautiful hair. Coiffé/Décoiffé that naturally beautiful look that french women have and the world aspires to. It truely is all about the cut! Hair that is not tortured or forced into shape is happy hair and it looks good whether you style it or not. It’s the way your hair should be!