Summer Hair Secrets

summer hairSummer Hair

Summer is a magical time of year, especially if you spend it or live at the seaside, sunbathing on the beach or swimming in the pool as most Queenslanders do. But exposure to sun, wind, chlorine and salt can take a toll on your hair. Also, have you ever considered that the hotel shampoo that is supplied free is not the best one available? Neither are the hairdryers in the bathrooms. All of this contributes to you have super thirsty locks at the end of your summer holiday. Don’t suffer bad summer hair.

When you return home from your holiday with hair that is dry and damaged, it’s pointless to restart your daily routine with just a normal shampoo and conditioner: first of all, you need to repair your hair.

Paul Mitchell Hair and scalpSo here are some key tips to nurture and repair your hair at home:

The first tool for great summer hair you need is a treatment capable of regenerating your hair such as Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment. This professional hair treatment by Paul Mitchell is a rich cream able to moisturize and repair the worst of the damage done to your hair over summer. It also contains parsley flakes that help exfoliate your hair and scalp. You will be astonished by the smoothness when you will glide your fingers through your hair! Also, your hair’s shine, which is likely to have been dulled by all the sun and fun, will reawaken its original vividness.

You will also enjoy the extraordinary texture of this treatment, made from Soy proteins, panthenol, vitamin E and shea butter to repair and protect, while willow bark helps soothe troubled skin. These are natural components, which are some of the “greenest” conditioning agents in the world. And be prepared for one of the most irresistible fragrances you’ve ever experienced, Natural tea tree oil, peppermint and lavender leave hair smelling great!

After you shampoo your hair just simply apply about a teaspoon of Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment with just the help of your hands to distribute it through damp hair. Just leave it in for 5-10 minutes, rinse and… be prepared for the most gorgeous after-summer look ever!

evy blow dryerMy second tip for great summer hair

Investing in a high-quality hairdryer to achieve your goals for your beauty routine: it helps to prevent split ends and to reduce frizzy and dull hair. You deserve a great head of hair! I highly recommend investing in an EVY PROFESSIONAL dryer. Their products use a unique Mineral Infused Technology for the ultimate styling experience. While some products incorporate one or two minerals, the EVY are infused with an extraordinary blend of 32 minerals. Sourced from one unique place in Japan, the rich post-volcanic minerals have long spoilt locals with healthy skin and beautiful hair. Now, EVY brings this luxurious hair experience to you. This amazing natural resource of 32 minerals generates negative ion and far infrared energy, micronizing water into fine particles that penetrate hair with more power than ever before. The result is pure inner hydration that leaves hair healthy, shiny and lustrous looking. You can order your EVY products from me by phoning 0412672246 I also offer ZipPay when purchasing EVY products.

My third tip is if you like a natural hairstyle, the best piece of advice I can give you for is the ultimate in hair preservation. Avoid blow-drying and let your hair dry naturally, wrapped into a soft ultra-absorbent bamboo-fiber turban. Nothing is better than that soft wavy summer hair.

Last piece of advice and it’s no surprise: you should eat a healthy and balanced diet. This is the secret to everything, we know it, but we still forget. So, take a look in your fridge and be sure it’s full of fresh water, seasonal and ideally organic vegetables and fruits! Salads make it so easy to provide good nutrition for our summer hair. Iron and folate are important for a full healthy head of hair so lots of dark greens and if you’re like me a good steak!

Finally, you know great hair products will go a long way in keeping those locks in a glorious state, but what is truly essential is a great haircut. I specialize in cutting hair to suit your head shape and lifestyle. Well cut hair is easy to manage and looks great effortlessly. You can book your summer hair online too.


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