Straightening Your Hair – The Method

Straightening your hair (part two): The Method

Last week we covered all the things you would need in order to straighten your hair as damage free as possible and ensuring the long-term health of your locks. Now we are going to run through the actual method behind straightening your own hair.

Straightening Step 1: Wash and clean.

When my hair is sparkling clean is it always yields the best results when I am attempting a stylized look. Dirty, stringy and greasy hair will just look even more unbecoming when you straighten it.

Straightening Step 2: Dry

Allow your hair to dry about 90%. There are some flat irons that are made to be applied to wet hair but if you do not have one of these then it can be damaging to apply such a high temperature to wet hair (think about the sound a pan makes when you put it still hot into cold water- not healthy), image it as a thermal shock that your hair does not need. If you are in a rush then just pull out the hair dryer and dry your hair until it is near finished (drying tip; use a downward motion when drying your hair, this helps hold the cuticle in place resulting in a smoother finish, and helps hold the frizz at bay), otherwise you can just towel dry and allow the rest to transform el-natural.

Straightening Step 3: Straightener ready

Brush with a boar bristle paddle brush through your hair to make sure that it is completely detangled and then apply your heat protection spray, this forms a protective layer over your hair to prevent the heat from damaging it.

Straightening Step 3: Layer

The next step is to divide your hair into different layers, depending on your hairs thickness this can range between 3 and 4 layers, arrange this so that they are running horizontally along your head.

Straightening Step 4: And Straighten

Starting with the bottom layer, run a paddle brush through sections of your hair followed directly by your flat iron. Work your way through each layer (bottom up). Try not to run over each section more than twice, it is better to move in one slow fluid motion, long enough for the iron to take affect but not too long that you feel it frazzling your hair. If you have a fringe then do it last, you don’t need to run a brush through this as well, just use your own judgment on what is straight enough.

Straightening Step 5: Final touches

Once you have straightened each layer with the paddle brush just check if there are any areas that need a little more attention (I know the hair closer to my face tends to be a little more unruly than the rest of my hair). Use mirrors to inspect the back of your hair for any kinks or neglected pieces of hair.

Last but truly not least, if your hairdryer has a cold setting blast some of that cold hair all over your head (again in a downward motion), this will further hold the cuticles strong and enhance that smooth and silky finish from your Straightening.


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