Short Cut

Short Cut Trends:

If you are looking for a change in your hairstyle, you are becoming bored of your regular apparel and want to make a notable difference that can have both a dramatic and beautiful effect then you should consider the one thing we all seem to be tip-toeing around- chopping it all off, short cuts are all the rage! I know that many find this an intimidating solution but the truth is there are many ways to make short hair suit you and at the end of the day- if it is just an experimental thing it’ll be no time at all before it grows back. Here are a few styles to consider when making this dramatic alteration to your appearance….

Short Cut 1 – The Pixie:

You may think that this look can only be worn by a few select people but this isn’t the case at all. It is just a matter of cutting your hair to suit your face-shape: if you have a round face you should keep the sides shaggy (this will reduce the fullness of the face). Those of you with a wide forehead (heart-shaped face) should ask for long, side-swept bangs (this will draw the attention down the face instead of across it), you can then either brush them forward or sweep them to the side. Be sure to ask your hairdresser what they think will go best with your face shape and thenget the short cut accordingly.

Short Cut 2 –  Spikey:

This is a great way to mix things up in terms of a dramatic change, it is also a great style for older women whose hair is thinning and colour is fading (it is much less to maintain and to colour, therefore saving you some time and money). With this cut you need to ensure that the top of the hair is relatively shorter to the rest of your hair in length. A tip with this one is to check out different men’s styles and see which one you like best- they’ve been carrying this look through the ages so there might be a thing or two you can learn from their cutting and styling ways.

Short Cut 3 – Shaggy & Messy:

This is a bob done in your very own way, natural waves and curls. Cut your hair at your desired short length- just above the shoulders or just below the ears. This short cut hair does require a little bit of maintenance, as any hair style does, but the final look is beautiful, and really carries that natural flare all the way through. One maintenance technique: after shampooing and conditioning towel dry your hair and apply some styling mouse for added texture (the Paul Mitchell Fast Form Crème from the Express range is prefect for this as it has lasting hold and reduces your drying time. Throw your hair forward and blow dry upside down while scrunching your hair with your free hand, once it is dry flip your hair back and spray with a flexible hairspray try the Awapuhi Finishing Spray from the Paul Mitchell range- gives you hold, shine and protects from sun rays.

color: #262626;”>Now these are only three ways in which to style shorter hair, there are many more out there for you! So do your research and ask your stylist which short cut styles they think will suite you best!