Shave for a cure

orldsworlds-greatest-shave-anthony-presotto-hair-studio-margate-queensland-australiaThe salon is now closed for a private session where our Shave for a Cure participant Nikky Carlson is coming in to her hair chopped and coloured. For those that don’t know or remember This year one of our clients Nikky Carlson, is participating in shave for a cure. Nikky is also donating her hair to have wigs made for cancer patients. Here is a little bit from Nikky:

To give you a little background on why I’ve decided to get this done… A beautiful 4 year old girl, Bridget, is currently battling Leukaemia. Her determination, strength and heart have encouraged me to sacrifice something that on me will grow back, but on others they cannot grow. Bridget and her friend chose the colours Nikky had in her hair.