Shampoo there is only two choices

Apr12Awapuhi_FullLineupBlonde, fine, curly, smoothing, colour, coarse, normal, volume. The choice is endless.

Shampoo comes in as many different types as there are hair colours. But what do you really need?

I don’t want to say that these shampoos don’t work, they do! But I like to keep things simple. I look at my average client and they need three things.

  1. Colour safe shampoo.
    Well just about every shampoo on the market these days should be colour safe. There are some exceptions, shampoos designed fore deep cleansing to remove minerals, product build up in the hair and clorine from swimming will often strip colour from the hair too. So will lots of shampoos designed to treat skin conditions such as dandruff etc.
  2. Damaged hair shampoo.
    This is the first type of shampoo I would recommend. If your hair is damaged in anyway then you need to repair what you can and minimise further damage from happening. For this purpose I recommend Paul Mitchell‘s Awaphui Wild Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner. Along with a weekly treatment and treatment oil used daily.
  3. Dry hair shampoo.
    This is the second concern for most people after damaged hair, is dry hair. Coloured hair is prone to being a little dry so is curly hair. My recommendation here is to use Paul Mitchell Marula Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. Also followed up with a weekly treatment and using the rare marula oil.

That’s it! Two types of shampoo. That is all you really need. Understand they are not bargain basement priced lines the average is $30 a bottle. But then if you are paying $200 for you hair, you want to keep it in the best possible condition to make that colour last.

Next time you’re in the salon ask about what shampoo is right for your hair. I will gladly discuss the benifits of both with you and which would be the smartest choice for your hair.