Out on a Fringe

The Fringe is in!

Now there is not an insurmountable amount of things to say about this certain style of hair wearing- perhaps you could say that it is one of the most repetitive in the history of popular hair trends, maybe you could even say that it is one of the most undervalued hair variations but one thing is for sure: the fringe is back! And it’s looking fuller, bolder and more beautifully vintage than ever before.

Where did the fringe start?

We can trace the origin of the bang all the back to those slamming 60’s, when even the Beatles managed to wear it in favourable style. Recently we’ve seen it transform from a more edgy style of cut between 2008 and 2009, with razor sharp edges and straight lines, to a softer, fuller and more rounded style of wearing it, playing on the more feminine and messier layers of the hair.

Hair length can range from long to short if you are thinking about adding a fringe to your daily apparel. There is a common association between a fringe/bangs and bob combo but it definitely isn’t the only way to cut your hair, and the latest trends are to even add some more volume and layers to your hair as a whole (which makes this a great style as the warmer seasons approach because of your ability to tie your hair up as well). Lengthier hair also allows you to style your according to your preference on the day- take inspiration from the 60’s with it back combed (for volume) and flicked out ends. Or 70’s inspiration with lightly waved and softly straightened edges for a delicately sophisticated look.

I love a fat fringe.

You will notice that the thickness of the fringe does play a pivotal importance- the wispy and barely there fringes are out, long gone and, as I said, they have been replaced with voluptuous volumes of hair working as an enhancing affect to the features of your hair. Generally you are looking at thick fringes with blunt cut lines, sitting anywhere upon the forehead (from half-way down to just above the eyes). You can also play around with the shape- by rounding down the corners of the fringe you are able to give it a definitive and softer framing affect.

By adding a fringe to your look you are by no means going for something subtle and elusive, it is a bold change, but it can be done with a softness and delicacy that will work to enhance the shape and features of your face. When looking to get this done be sure to tell you stylist or hairdresser what you are looking for but also ask them what will best suite your face, a rounded face works with a longer fringe, and an angular one is improved by one with rounded edges.

Now this is a look that suites any colour, but generally one solid block colour seems to carry the look through accurately, although not necessarily the same colour as the rest of the hair! Consider having a fringe on your next visit to give you a completely up to date look.