Organic Hair Colour

eco-friendly-organic-hair-colourOrganic Hair Colour – lies, fairytale and reality

In my salon I have a very simple philosophy, use the least damaging, safest products, with the smallest chemical load. You would think that with the amount of companies out there touting their products as ORGANIC that this would be an easy task.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that hair colour is organic

There is no regulation on the word organic. Many people who are choosing to use organic hair colour, thinking that they are doing the best for their hair and their health are being duped. Lots of chemicals used in products are organic, they just are not safe. This has been seen recently with formaldehyde is a naturally occurring organic compound with the formula CH₂O. It is the simplest aldehyde. This toxic, organic ingredient was readily found in keratin hair smoothing systems and caused many respiratory problems for hairdressers and clients that many countries recalled the products and banned their use.

Not organic colour but the next best thing

xgshines-organic-colourRather than going by the current trend of salons to adopt an organic hair colour system I have chosen to use a low chemical, safe chemical approach.

With technological innovations changing everything, from smartphones to medical science, even hair color is being constantly improved, making it more effective and safer for clients, while opening up new styling possibilities.

Paul Mitchell¨ shines XG is a no-ammonia, demi-permanent cream hair colour. Gray blending and coverage can last from 4 to 6 weeks and fades on tone. XG shines has a luxurious fragrance, thanks to a blend of natural ingredients. Moreover, the DYESMART system, while not organic offers cottonseed oil and rice milk help protect hair during colouring. Creating little to no damage the result is perfect, fade-resistant colour and shiny healthy-looking hair.