Hair Cutting – New York Method – Dry Cut

new york dry haircut anthony presottoI specialise in a Dry Cut Method of cutting hair. Dry haircutting is a revolutionary technique that uses the hair to frame a face, taking into account the shape of the head. Dry haircutting uses the hair to accentuate features rather than cover them up. The results are soft, feminine and commercial looks, much like celebrities on the cover of magazines.

The style of dry cutting I use is a blend of techniques developed by Jean Marc Maniatis in Paris, an icon in the world of hairdressing, infused with techniques from masters such as John Sahag and Mike Karg in New York, and Yuji Kazami in Tokyo. Dry cutting, much as the name implies, is a collection of techniques to cut hair when dry and only work on dry hair.

The dry haircut starts with a consultation to discuss your hair – what you like about it, what you don’t – then I explain my recommendations. At the conclusion of the consultation process, your luxurious wash-house experience begins with a shampoo, scalp massage and deep condition.

After the wash-house experience, we begin the cut by putting the basic shape into the hair, creating a strong foundation to build your style on. I will then complete the haircut using the collection of dry techniques in my repertoire. If you usually wear your hair curly, I will dry the hair curly and then cut it how it lives. Otherwise your hair is finished with either a straight iron or curling iron, drying with bushes is kept to minimum as they can stretch and damage hair.

By cutting your hair dry I get to see the shape of your hair as I cut it. By seeing the finished shape as it is formed while cutting I am removing the guesswork out of how your finished cut is going to look.This style of hair cut takes a little longer than a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all cut, but the dry cut is tailored to the individual. A dry cut it is like working on a sculpture – I am creating the most amazing shape right in front of you, and when the cutting is finished, your style is done.

Dry cutting hair is also great for people with very thick hair who want to eliminate the bulkiness. When hair is wet it is flat, but dry hair reveals where bulk needs to be reduced. The number one complaint of curly hair clients is that when it is cut it shrinks and they end up with a haircut that is too short. Wet hair stretches and by dry cutting curly hair I am able to sculpt the hair where it lives and create a beautiful natural shape at just the right length without the fear of the hair ever being too short.

Also for people with finer hair, and sections where the hair can tend to lie flatter, dry cutting reveals where thickness and body need to be added. It allows me to more precisely balance the weight distribution of your hair, and the final result makes styling much easier.

The styles that I create with Dry cutting is a well crafted shape that will maintain itself longer. Depending on your style, you may find you don’t need to have your hair cut as often because the shape holds itself for a greater period of time, which is important for people growing their hair or those that like to keep it long.