French chic fuss free hair

Undone French Chic

When I think of no-fuss hair my mind automatically goes to French women. My specialty is French wet & dry cutting. This style of haircut aims to give you an effortlessly chic look that lasts. Where most people fall flat is they tend to still over style their hair as you would with a Sassoon or Brittish style haircut.

I am going to outline below the steps, products and a few secret tweaks you will need so that you too can have that wash and go look at home with the minimal amount of fuss. With a little effort, you can become a master of the art of relaxed, air-dried French chic

Step 1: It’s all about CONDITIONING

Conditioning your hair with the right product will help combat the frizz and make the whole styling much easier. Choosing a high-quality conditioner to suit your hair is a must. The key to successfully air-drying your hair is to keep as much moisture inside the hair as possible. So you may choose to use a leave-in conditioner as well. There are two types I recommend, for normal to thick hair Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturiser and if you have normal to fine hair, Lavender Mint Spray Moisturiser will do the job without weighing your hair down. Also, I would highly recommend once a week using Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment for the ultimate repair and moisture treatment for your hair.

Step 2: Choose the BEST TOWEL

The incorrect towel can cause damage to your hair by roughing up the cuticle and causing it to frizz this can be a big problem for curly hair especially. I would recommend you choose a microfibre towel such as the Aquis Hair Towel, which boasts superior absorption technology to dry hair fast with less friction (and therefore, causing less damage). You want to remove as much water as possible and apply your choice of styling product as soon as possible. In a pinch, you could also use an old t-shirt.

Step 3: PRODUCT choice is critical

The key to successful air-drying your hair is to choose the right products for the job. As I mentioned above the right moisture product is essential. The next step is style support. For fine hair I would recommend Boomerang restyling mist it will give a light hold that doesn’t over stiffen fine hair.  If your hair is fine to normal or you want a little more volume then I would recommend you go for Volume Whip.  If your hair is thicker or you want to define your curl or need increased style hold then Memory Shaper is your product. These three style aids are part of the Paul Mitchell Invisibleware range.  And of course, you can never go wrong with a little serum too, my favorite go-to product is Super Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell.

Step 4: Select the RIGHT STYLE

I’m not one for trends but the current look for French chic air-dried hair is inspired from the 70’s, with the hair a little flatter on top and restricting the movement to the ends of the hair. To get this barely-there wave, work the hair in sections, twisting it with some Memory Shaper and a little leave-in moisturizer. Once you’re done leave the hair twisted until it has completely dried, this can be naturally or with the help of a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment. If you use the dryer, only dry the hair about 85% and let the 15% dry naturally to avoid the chance of frizzing. 

Step 5: That final POLISH

If your hair needs that extra smooth or polish now is the time to do it. Using your straightener or curling iron now take a section of hair and wrap the ends to create your desired result, that could be anything from a slight bend to a soft wave, but avoid overheating or over curling the hair, we are after chic undone texture after all! 

Work the hair in opposite directions to create that natural look. For some extra hold and texture use Undone Texture Hairspray, it gives hold and texture without the hardtack of normal hairspray.

There you have it everything you need to have that perfect but undone French chic hair. Once you master this technique to style your hair you will find it gets better-looking every day. Depending on your scalp condition with sweat and oil, washing can be reduced to once or twice a week.