Creating your own Red Carpet Look!

color: #262626;”>Creating Your Own Red Carpet Look!

One of the many styles to make it’s way onto the runway this season is the deep side parting. This sophisticated and refined look has elevated the current trend of extreme femininity and grace, and promotes an open beauty with the face and hair.

1: The first thing to note when creating you own side parting is to ensure that it is symmetrical according to the rest of your face and shape, this is most easily done by aligning the parting with the highest point of your eyebrow. This establishes the entire design of your hairstyle.

2: In order to keep this parting in place apply some taming lotion to your locks. Anything that will fight away frizz and keep your hair sleek and smooth. A great product for this situation is the Paul Mitchel Super Skinny Relaxing Balm or the Super Skinny Serum.

3: Brush through your hair to ensure that the product you have just applied is applied all the way through, use a broad brush as it has reach both length and width wise.

4: Creating definition around the parting is, of course, what this style is all about, using the end of a tail comb and just running it along the parting will create a line that is more defined with a sharper edge.

5: Now you can style as you please; you can straighten your locks to create a look that is edgy and modern. To do this you can refer to one of our earlier pieces about the etiquette of hair straightening.

Or you can choose to curl your hair to create a soft feminine look that is sophisticated and classy. To do this take the hair into sections and wrap them around your curling iron, these sections can be placed at random intervals around the head, and just enough so that there a light coverage, you want the look to be natural so work from the bottom of the hair up, it will create a good shape and foundation for the curls.

6: The next step is also optional, but helps a whole lot in maintaining the style and keeping it easy to wear. Pin it! On the opposite side of the parting place a bobby pin in your hair to keep it in place, the pin should be, as with the parting, in line with the arch of your eyebrow, to keep the symmetry in line.

7: Now you can adapt your style to this hairstyle; keep it long and loose, bouncing off your shoulders, or make it sleek and sharp by tying it back into a silky ponytail.

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