Cheap Hair Colour – Why you should care

Cheap Hair? Why you should care!

Choosing the wrong colour or technique can leave you looking cheap. At my studio, I focus on creating expensive looking hair without the expensive price tag. To achieve a bespoke colour that is created just for you takes time. It’s not about an in and out visit, I spend time discussing your lifestyle and requirements and create a signature look that is as individual as you are. To help you understand what might be going wrong with your current colour I am sharing my philosophy on hair colour.

stunning hair colour
The right colour makes all the difference.

1. Colouring your hair too far from natural.

This is one of the most common mistakes I see. If your hair is light brown and you colour it a blue-black it will look so unnatural. It’s not that you can’t go darker or lighter for that matter, but getting a shade that is going to tie in with your skin and eye colour and enhances your natural beauty rather than looking like you picked up a colour at the local supermarket means choosing something that is no more than 1 or 2 shades lighter or darker than your natural colour. This stops your hair from looking coloured or fake. I’m talking about all over colour now not highlights.

2. Your highlights look fake rather than sun-kissed.

The job of highlights is just that, they are meant to highlight your hair, give it shine and dimension and make your facial features and skin pop. Most of all they should look like they are a gentle kiss from the sun to the effects of a summer holiday at the beach.

They shouldn’t look like tiger stripes or become a full head of single dimension blonde. These looks can be totally avoided by having balayage techniques rather than foiling the hair. Balayage gives you a natural look, virtually seamless grow out and a much more organic, sun-kissed look.

3. You have one colour all over your head.

Colouring your hair one single shade every time can lead to hair that is dull and flat looking. Just look at a child’s hair, they don’t have just one colour it’s made up of many shades. Even if your goal is to hide the encroaching grey hair, choosing a slightly translucent shade can give you back that natural dimensional hair of youth.

4. Your blonde highlights have become one solid colour.

Having highlights too often whether it is foils or balayage, especially colouring over the already highlighted hair will cause this to happen. As a general rule, I do highlights every second or third visit or every three months if you are having balayage on natural hair. I can’t stress the importance of dimension when it comes to blonde hair. It’s what keeps it natural looking. Think of it as the difference of looking at a

I can’t stress the importance of dimension when it comes to blonde hair. It’s what keeps it natural looking. Think of it as the difference of looking at a swimming pool compared to a stream. A swimming pool is your solid blonde that you see straight through, it has no life. A stream, on the other hand, has light and dark, shadows and reflections, you can’t see the bottom, natural and beautiful and full of life. It is that healthy blend of both light and dark that will leave you with gorgeous Gisele Bündchen-like color.

5. You have changed or coloured your hair so many times it’s breaking off or not growing and looks like a hot mess.

Sometimes I just have to say no. Every now and again I have refused to colour a client’s hair for their own good. If you have a habit of going from light to dark and back again you ae not doing your hair any favors. Sometimes you just need to stop colouring your hair, get onto a home care regime that  will nourish and rebuild your hair. The grow out may be a little painful, but in the long term, the results are worth it.

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