The return to sexy natural beauty – 100% certified organic

Coiffé/Décoiffé – The beauty of done/undone.


So 2020 has seen an interest in beautiful fuss free hair everyday. With the ongoing lockdowns seeing a hairdresser can be a difficult task. From this pandemic, a long needed change in that contemporary hairstyling has been redefined. That perfect makeup and overdone hair is pretty much the domain of the dated beauty blogger. Society is changing, in my opinion for the better. People are returning to Coiffé/Décoiffé, the naturally undone beauty of hair.

Coiffé/Décoiffé a French term that loosely translates to done/undone or carefully placed hair that is messed up. This is how I would describe the naturally undone hair that along with barest of makeup application guarantees beautiful fuss free hair everyday. It is the antithesis of the beauty blogger and influencer. But let’s face the reality, who has time for that high-maintenance look. Even designers are embracing the Done/Undone look in their runway shows. And of course, the masters of it are the French. Actually, masters are probably the wrong term since French women don’t spend time mastering a beauty look, it’s their natural state, and it’s beautiful in its simplicity.

As I have mentioned several times so much of the basic style comes from the cut, and French wet and dry cutting is my forté. But there are some rules you need to follow to get that Done/Undone look.

Done/Undone rule number one: Minimal hair dryers or blowdries.

The Done/Undone look is best expressed by letting your hair dry naturally. This not only maintains the integrity of the hair by reducing heat and mechanical damage it will help stop a lot of the frizz that you can from blow drying. The idea is to celebrate and enhance what you have, not force it to do something it’s not meant to.

Done/Undone rule number two: Know your products is a must.

Remember we are talking about done/undone so products play a role in this, but not to smother and weigh the hair down but to enhance what is naturally there. The most important thing with the Done/Undone look is making sure that the hair has plenty of moisture, this is achieved with a serum or leave-in moisturizer this will combat frizz and help naturally hold the hair in its natural movement, for curly hair this is a must.

Done/Undone rule number three: Having texture is a must.

By now you are starting to understand Done/Undone is about enhancing the natural movement in the hair. But what if your hair is straight? That is easily solved, again without using a blowdryer.

Wash your hair and apply your leave-in conditioner and your styling product of choice, this will vary depending on your individual hair type but a safe bet is PURE SHAPING SERUM. It allows you to create perfectly undone definition. This soft memory product creates a natural-looking finish while also adding the perfect amount of flexibility and shine. The lightweight formula, enriched with 100% certified organic extracts, leaves hair feeling soft, smelling fresh and effortlessly manageable.

Then when your hair is about 80% dry, that’s when you squeeze it your hand isn’t covered in moisture, loosely twist it up into a knot or a plait at the back of your head. For more texture section the hair and do several plaits. Then let it dry completely. The residual moisture will set the hair with a soft wave as it dries, Done/Undone!

An extra tip: If your hair is dry you can do the same thing and use your flat iron on low to help set the hair.

Done/Undone rule number four: Do not wash your hair every day

Yes, this sounds disgusting but it’s not. Unless your hair is extremely dirty, sweaty from the gym etc. there is no need to wash it every day. You are stripping those natural protective oils from your hair and creating a dried out frizzy mess that will require more product to make it feel good. Start washing less and using fewer products and lighter not so heavy products your hair will return to that natural beauty of your youth.

When you do wash it, make sure you are using the best shampoo for your hair type. And once a week do a 5-10 minute intensive treatment. If you get a bit of oil on the scalp have a can of dry shampoo on hand to help keep it looking fresh.

Done/Undone rule number five: Keep away from “Trends”.

The French look is about natural hair that is individual as the wearer. Diversity is the key. The natural organic look of Done/Undone is about embracing your look, not someone else’s. Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who knows herself and is not afraid to go against the trend of conformity to express her true inner beauty.