Balayage The ultimate in natural colour

What is Balayage and why do I use it?

balayageNo matter what you read in fashion magazines Balayage is not a new technique, in fact it emerged from France in the 1970’s. Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows the hair colourist to create a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour – similar to what nature gives us as children – with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines or the Ombre style that has quite intense colour on the ends of the hair. I like to stick to the principal idea that less is more when creating soft, natural looks that have longevity for the wearer.


How is Balayage applied?

Balayage is applied in a sweeping manner to the surface of the hair and not saturated through the section until the very tips, otherwise, you can end up with too bold of a highlight that isn’t very soft at all. It can also be called a freehand technique because no foils are used to create the highlights although plastic film is sometimes used to keep the colour bleeding through and over colouring sections of the hair.


What makes Balayage different from foils?

The Balayage technique is used to create highlights and lowlights totally customized for you! Colour placement is chosen to enhance your facial features and add movement to the hairstyle. Balayage can enhance and refresh your hairstyle without major colour changes or changing your haircut. The biggest difference is the soft natural look of Balayage compared to the uniform and often stripey look that foils give.


Will Balayage require a lot of maintenance?

Virtually none! Balayage grows out looking very naturally so you don’t get an obvious regrowth line as you do with a regular solid colour or foils. This means the average client can go between 3 and 6 months between Balayage appointments. Remembering that balayage just like all colouring processes requires maintenance with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and for optimal health and shine a weekly treatment.