Balayage Service

What it is – Balayage comes from the French word, meaning to sweep or to paint. It is a freehand technique which allows for natural-looking hair colour, similar to what the sun does naturally. It has softer, less noticeable regrowth lines and the principle is to be natural and subtle. 

Who it is for:

This is for people with Mid to long length hair. If you need coverage of your white hair, don’t worry; this technique can still be for you.

Unique technique:

Although this is a freehand technique my sectioning systems still need to be precise and methodical. Working upwards from the nape using a balayage board, colour is applied using my freehand technique. My systems allow for the colour to be designed around your natural crown and parting.


Normally the commitment level is LOW for this technique, but if you have white hair this might lift the commitment level higher. Typically Balayage can last up to 4 months – however, if you have white hair you may need to come in sooner for a roots touch up.


Balayage will be personalised to you and your individual hair type. It offers great flexibility with low upkeep and the results can be gorgeously natural.


My rate for all cut, colour and styling services is $140 per hour or part thereof.