About Anthony Presotto

Your new hairdresser

anthony presotto redcliffe hair salon

Hello, I am Anthony Presotto.

I have been very fortunate to receive international recognition as a master of this art form. Throughout my career, spanning more than three decades of experience behind the chair in a hair salon.

I have had the pleasure of working with various sporting and television personalities, but to me, every client is a celebrity. They are all exceptional in their own way.

I don’t collect accolades or do editorial shoots. Unlike many of my peers, I see my real achievements being the loyal following of clients for over 30+ years.

I firmly believe that my talent is best expressed in my ability to cut, colour and style hair, in order to suit the personality and lifestyle of my clients. Just like a painter who will study the great masters, I have been fortunate enough to meet and learn from truly great hairdressers from around the world, taking various skills and philosophies learned and synthesized them into my own.

My Italian heritage has taught me to see beauty in every corner of life, and it is this notion of natural beauty that has shaped my philosophy to follow the natural fall of the hair rather than architecturally shaping and molding the hair to fit current trends, which come and go out of fashion. A woman’s hair should be personal, a reflection of who she is as a human being.

So the hairstyles I create based on the natural fall of the hair and are modern, fluid, and naturally textured creating an effortless look. If this is the type of style you are looking for, chances are we’ll be a good fit.

A cut in my hair salon

A haircut should look and make you feel sexy. I cut hair unique to your head shape and because of that, the style will last months as opposed to weeks. I believe this style will look great on almost anyone, as it allows the wearer to go smooth and sleek or add bounce and waves to create multiple looks from one cut.

I love to make-over clients in my hair salon, but sometimes changing your style can be more about adjusting lengths and tonal shifts in colour, to give you a whole new look without having to dramatically change your haircut.

Professional hair salon colour

At my hair salon, colour is perfectly matched to your skin tone, eye colour and lifestyle. It is the ideal, made-to-order, customized hair colour that brings out your finest features. This comes from an in-depth consultation and hair analysis, hair colour expertise and years of specialized hair colouring experience.

Why choose my hair salon

A haircut and colour with me is the ultimate in one-off bespoke design: a look created just for you, the one accessory that others simply cannot imitate.  It is a “signature cut” and as unique as your fingerprint.  When you leave the salon, I can ensure that you will have found the “image” and perfect hairstyle for you.  It is a carefree, yet perfect look that lasts.  You will feel like a celebrity.

People will ask which hair salon you visit, it is the ultimate compliment, for you and me.