Sometimes, despite your best intentions and often without knowing it, your day to day habits and hair care routine could be damaging your hair colour.

Little things like forgetting to use a heat protectant to over-washing your hair with clarifying shampoos, these are just some of the ways that your hair care routine could be affecting your hair colour.

But by just taking a few extra precautionary steps you can dramatically improve the way your hair looks and feels and make your hair colour last much longer.


The shampoo you are using can have a great effect on the longevity of your hair colour. Not all shampoos are created equal, ingredients like sulphates, which are powerful cleaning agents and important in a cleansing shampoo, really are not needed on a day to day basis. 

To keep your hair colour looking vibrant you need to be using a shampoo that is sulphate free. Thankfully all Pure Haircare shampoos are sulphate free and colour safe. Pure Colour Angel is enriched with Organic Açai Oil, Shea Butter and Mongongo Oil to moisturise, repair and soften fragile coloured hair. These treatment oils illuminate coloured hair and help fight colour ageing. 


If you are regularly wetting your hair in the shower and you are not using a water filter of some kind chances are the water has minerals that can build up in your hair. 

Over time these minerals will cause your hair colour to become dull, fade quicker and in some cases make it difficult to colour your hair. Now a filter is the best option but not always available, so wearing a shower cap or even just popping your hair up in a top knot will minimise the amount of water that touches your hair and prevent mineral build-up. 

If your water is particular bad from old pipes or you swim a lot (swimmers hair is caused by the algaecides which typically contain copper to control the algae, not chlorine as many people believe) then you might benefit from a cleansing shampoo every forth wash and the night before you are due to have your hair coloured. 

Juuce Deep Cleanse Shampoo removes styling product, grime and chlorine and copper build-up in all hair types. Regular use controls an oily scalp whilst protecting against dry ends with non-oily moisturising agents.


It is not a secret that certain alcohols can dry out your hair. Unfortunately, alcohols are unavoidable in some hair styling products such as hairspray and gels based products. These short-chain alcohols are often used for their drying effect. They evaporate quickly which may be helpful, but that drying can whisk away the moisture that your hair needs. And moisture is vital to reduce colour fade. 

So the alcohols you might want to avoid or use minimally are:

  • Ethanol alcohol
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Propanol alcohol
  • Alcohol denat.
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Isopropanol alcohol
  • Benzyl alcohol

Not all alcohols are bad. Fatty alcohols derived from coconuts etc have 12 more carbons per molecule and this higher count of carbon tends to make them oilier, which is why they are called fatty alcohols.

These fatty alcohols are ok in your hair products. 

  • Cetyl alcohol
  • Cetearyl alcohol
  • Stearyl alcohol
  • Lauryl alcohol

Fatty alcohols help to moisturise the hair by acting as a humectant and draw water into the hair. They also provide that slip to hair that is necessary for detangling and add thickness to your styling product so it’s not so watery. 


Your hair, just like your body, needs protein for strength. When you have hair that has been colour treated a regular protein treatment is essential for repairing the damage done by the colour service. When you colour your hair, the cuticle layer of the hair is lifted to allow the colour molecules to penetrate the cortex and bond to the hair. Protein treatments help repair damage to that cuticle layer. A strong cuticle layer is essential to stop moisture loss and reduce colour fade. For a more in-depth discussion on treatments check out this blog post on Hair Treatments.


We all know how the sun can damage our skin if we don’t protect it well it’s the same for your hair. Ultraviolet rays will cause your colour to fade and the sun and wind can damage and dry your hair. 

Make sure if you are going out in the sun that you use a product that protects your hair from UV damage. Thankfully all Pure shampoos and conditioners contain UV inhibitors. The best product is Pure Precious Ends leave-in hair moisture treatment. It not only provides UV protection but adds extra moisture to combat the losses of the sun and wind. If you are going to be outdoors in the sun and elements for an extended time then add a hat to take the protection to the next level.


Shiny object syndrome! It’s exciting and fun to try new products from all the companies out there, many promising to be the holy grail of hair care.

Unfortunately, without knowing exact formulations of the array of shampoos and conditioners out there, it is hard to say what they effect may be on your hair. Constantly changing shampoos etc. might mean you’re not getting all the nutrients your hair needs to look it’s best. 

Pure hair care is infused with an exclusive blend of Shea Butter and Argan Oil to rejuvenate any hair type. Selective treatment oils, Marula, Mongongo, Kalahari and Sunflower are chosen for their unique healing properties targeting specific hair types.

The exclusive ‘Pure Complex’ repairs and strengthens damaged hair while promoting intense hair nutrition, softness and shine. And of course, Pure hair care is sulphate free and paraben free to reduce episodes of irritation, redness, itchiness and flaky scalp.

Your hair colourist is a professional diagnostician and will recommend the best choice of shampoo, conditioner and treatment that is going to make your hair look it’s best and prolong the life and vibrancy of your colour.