"The PERFECT HAIRCUT should suit your FACE, your PERSONALITY and most of all your LIFESTYLE"
My signature Lifestyle Haircuts are meticulously crafted to suit the personality and lifestyle of my clients. I cut hair I don't do haircuts. It is my belief that your hair should look good in the real world, not just the time you are in my salon. The hairstyles I create are tailored for your face shape and are modern, fluid, and naturally textured. If this is the type of style you are looking for, chances are we will be a good fit. A haircut should look and make you feel sexy. I cut hair unique to your head shape and because of that, the style can last months as opposed to weeks. Your hair should look beautiful and be fuss-free every day. I believe this style of cutting suits almost everyone, as it allows the wearer to go smooth and sleek or add bounce and waves to create multiple looks with just one cut. A look created just for you, the one accessory that others simply cannot imitate. It is a “signature cut” and as unique as your fingerprint. It is a carefree, yet perfect look that lasts.

The Lifestyle Haircut Method

My method of cutting hair ignores trends in favour of an organic, natural cut that enhances the innate fall of the hair and reveals the natural beauty of the wearer.

Other hairdressers try to modify the hair. It's impossible. You cannot modify hair, you cannot modify nature. If you go against the nature of the hair you destroy it. Working with the natural flow of the hair using unique texturing, sculpting and carving techniques I create hair that is soft, feminine. The look is much like celebrities on the cover of magazines.




The Balayage technique is used to create highlights and lowlights totally customized for you! Colour placement is chosen to enhance your facial features and add movement to the hairstyle. It maybe the hottest colour technique at the moment but Balayage is not a new technique, in fact it emerged from France in the 1970’s. It allows the hair colourist to create a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines unlike foils. Most people prefer the soft natural look of Balayage compared to the uniform and often stripey look that foils give. I use Balayage to create soft, natural looks that have longevity for the wearer. This means the average client can go between 3 and 6 months between Balayage appointments. READ MORE



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